Your CBD Store Cranberry Celebrates Success for Second Birthday

Almost 2 years ago the community of Cranberry Township came together for the Grand Opening of a new CBD store. Found in the La Salle Plaza on Route 19, Your CBD Store Cranberry has welcomed thousands of customers to it’s newest location. The shop is the fourth to open in Pennsylvania among Beaver, Gibsonia and Erie and is the first ever brick and mortar Your CBD Store to open in Cranberry Township.

Among many other firsts, this particular Your CBD Store is a family owned business. Wayne Bell Jr., Shaun Painter and Dara Bailey are all Seneca Valley graduates and Cranberry Township natives, dating back to 1969. Amid continued misconceptions about CBD, the mission of this store is to educate consumers regarding various facts and fallacies. According to Shaun Painter, co-owner, Your CBD Store Cranberry , “Our goal is to get the education out there for a holistic alternative approach that will allow us to make a difference in as many lives as we can.”

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound found in the hemp plant. This particular compound doesn’t have the psychoactive effects of others.

If you’re wondering why you should choose Your CBD Store Cranberry over other companies popping up, the owners and employees would be quick to inform you of the three fundamental things to look for when searching for the best products on the market – where it’s grown, how it’s extracted, and how it’s tested. This store carries a brand called SunMed, which has the highest quality of organically grown hemp in Colorado. It goes through a CO2 extraction process, ensuring that harmful chemicals are left behind. It’s third party and lab tested so you know there’s more than one source providing the facts and analysis you need.

Edibles, under-the-tongue tinctures, topical creams and even pet products can be found in the store. Water soluble samples, are offered to customers in-store, providing an overall calm shopping experience. The store’s cozy atmosphere attracts people to come in and relax while learning about the benefits of Cannabidiol.

“Everyone who walks into our store is important to us. We genuinely want to help make people feel better and I think our customers know that,” said Painter.

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