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What can I say about my brand? I love it and I hope you will too.

I first became aware of CBD products when I tried them out to treat my own anxiety issues. I was skeptical at first but a few weeks later I was feeling more calm, sleeping better and not getting stressed at the smallest things. Six months later I feel like I can manage everyday life.

After all this I now want to start helping people so I decided to look into hemp and discovered all the other wonderful things it can do and be made into. It’s also environmentally friendly, reducing the need to cut down trees so I think it’s crazy that it’s not grown worldwide on an industrial scale.

To encourage the use of hemp products I’ve created my very own product lines, including: CBD Oils, gummies and skin balm. My intention is to eventually branch out into more hemp products and would appreciate any and all feedback to improve my products.

Thank you for reading this,



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