Theory Wellness to Open Marijuana Dispensary in Chicopee on Saturday

CHICOPEE, Mass. – Theory Wellness was approved their license to sell medical marijuana at their dispensary in Chicopee and are preparing to start this Saturday, October 24.

This location has been open for recreational customers since February 29. Medical patients have had access to the facility, but now they will be able to use their medical cards, meaning no taxes, and deals and discounts.

Theory Wellness owns two other locations in Massachusetts, in addition to the one in Chicopee. They are located in Great Barrington and Bridgewater.

Every cannabis brand is only allowed three medical licenses and three recreational in the state, so this license will be their third and final for the medical side.

“We always want to make sure medical patients have safe access to cannabis. Medical is actually what started us in this industry so it has certainly been very close to us,” said Thomas Winstanley, Vice President of Marketing, Theory Wellness Inc. “We applied for both licenses for this location for recreation and medical, medical just happened to be at a later time.”

This is the second medical marijuana dispensary to open in Chicopee. Winstanley said they are expecting a big turn out, but people are still required to follow all the guidelines and safety protocols out in place to protect against COVID-19.

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