The Best Weed Grinder of 2021

This makes the grinder easier to manipulate, as the screw threads have less of a chance to get jammed up with substances such as kief.

The innovation continues with their replaceable kief screen, able to be removed with a simple 3/32 inch hex wrench, which leads down to a rounded-edge trichomes/kief collection chamber, making your powder easier to remove than with standard flat-edged models. Their grinding teeth also have a unique ridged design, helping prevent plant material from getting trapped and crushed quite so easily, with wide holes that filter down ground material rather quickly.

The downside is that all of this innovation may set you back a bit more than some of the other grinders on our list, with the Cali Crusher firmly among the more expensive pieces listed in our article. But if serious about your grind and looking for something a bit higher quality, it’s hard to go wrong with this made-in-the-USA piece.

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