Pure Hemp Botanicals Pure Rewards Program

Pure Hemp Botanicals Pure Rewards Program

Pure Hemp Botanicals Pure Rewards program is our way of thanking our loyal customers for choosing Pure Hemp Botanicals. As a member, you’ll feel the love by being rewarded with incredible savings, exclusive offers, and more. The best part, It’s FREE. Simply shop like you always do and get rewarded for it.

The benefits of being a Pure Rewards member are amazing! Through our Pure Rewards program, you save more money and earn points on every purchase you make at Pure Hemp Botanicals! For every dollar you spend at Pure Hemp Botanicals, you earn 1 pure point. Bonus Pure Points can be earned when you spend $100 or more, when you leave us a review, or shop on special bonus point days.

Not a Pure Hemp Botanicals customer? Sign up for Pure Rewards and earn 20 bonus points! You can use your bonus points towards your first purchase, even with additional discounts, sale items, and coupon codes. Pure Rewards members also receive a free gift for their Birthday or 50 bonus Pure Points!

Existing Pure Hemp Botanicals customers are already pure rewards members. Simply shop and get rewarded instantly!

Earn extra bonus points when you spend $100 or more in one transaction. For example, members will earn 100 base points on a $100 qualifying purchase and an additional 30 bonus points.

Bonus Points are issued for the following:

New Registration 20 $4.00
Free Birthday Gift 50 $10.00
Spend $100 or more and get 30 bonus Pure Points 30 $6.00
Spend $200 or more and get 50 bonus Pure Points 50 $10.00
Spend $300 or more and get 100 bonus Pure Points 100 $20.00
Spend $500 or more and get 200 bonus Pure Points 200 $40.00
Product Review 20 $4.00

Redeem for savings that make you smile!

Pure Points earned by a member can be redeemed anytime. 

You can check your reward Pure Point balance on your account dashboard. Login to your Pure Hemp Botanicals account and click Pure Rewards on the sidebar menu to view your Pure Points. When you want to use your points towards your order, you can redeem them for exclusive savings. Pure Points are equivalent to currency. You can use your Pure Points to reduce the purchase price on your order based on the following scale:

5 points = $1.00 off
20 points = $4.00 off
50 points = $10.00 off
100 points = $20.00 off
250 points = $50.00 off
500 points = $100.00 off

What are you waiting for? Pure Rewards program is our way of saying thank you to our incredible community of customers! Sign up for Pure Rewards today and earn 20 Pure Points! Be the first to get access to member- exclusive sales! The best part, It’s FREE.

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