Police seize cannabis products at downtown store

A 39-year-old man and 22-year-old woman, both from Brantford, face drug charges after police raided a downtown store.

They are each charged with possession for the purpose of distributing and selling under the Cannabis Act and possession of a controlled substance (cocaine).

Members of Brantford police’s Downtown Better Enforcement Action Team followed up on complaints about the illicit sale of cannabis at a store on King Street, between Colborne and Dalhousie Streets.

Police got a search warrant after visiting the store Aug. 27 and said large quantities of illicit cannabis, along with price lists, were in clear view. Police said they seized about 7,494 grams of cannabis, 244 grams of hash and one gram of what is believed to be cocaine.

Hundreds of packages of THC-infused chocolate edibles, gummy candies, cheesecake, brownies and cotton candy were also seized, along with cannabis cigarettes, loaves of THC-infused banana bread, snack mix, and a cotton candy machine.

A quantity of…

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