Medically Correct Marks 10 Years of Cannabis-Infused Innovation

DENVER – When Colorado legalized medical cannabis in 2010, the business of cannabis was truly the wild west of self-regulation and survival. It was then, 10 years ago, that Medically Correct pioneered a new company rooted in the power of cannabis to help people and shape the industry. Today, Medically Correct remains a leading producer of consumables and topicals.

“We were some of the first people in the world to have a license to make legal, medical cannabis,” said Bob Eschino, co-founder and President of Medically Correct. “So many people had gone to jail, had risked everything and lost everything to get us to the point where we were. Our goal was to build on what our predecessors had accomplished and fought for, to share the benefits of cannabis and grow the industry in Colorado and across the country.”


The four co-founders brought unique experiences to form a leadership team at Medically Correct that would play a pivotal role in the company’s success. Rick Scarpello and Bob Eschino had a business relationship for years through their respective roles in the food and packaging industries. After witnessing the powerful effect cannabis-infused cookies had on Eschino’s grandmother, Scarpello and Eschino put together a business plan to help even more people adding executive chef Josh Fink and extraction innovator Derek Cumings.

10 Years of Innovation and Firsts

Medically Correct’s first infused products were baked goods, including brownies, carrot cake, and apricot bars. The products were perishable and not sustainable until Cumings recommended purchasing a closed-loop extraction system that would fuel the company forward in infused-chocolates and launch the company’s first brand: incredibles. The award-winning edibles would go on to be Colorado’s highest-volume, one of the most nationally awarded cannabis-infused brands and poised for national expansion through partnerships.

“We talked early on about the need to identify what people were about to consume – there were no rules,” said Scarpello, co-founder and CEO of Medically Correct. “We had to develop a way to tell patients ‘this is the science of what they’re consuming, and how a piece of chocolate compares to smoking weed.’ We wanted to be the guys who help create what the rules would be and do it right from the start.”

The “do the right thing” mentality led to many firsts in the cannabis industry for Medically Correct including the first to test oil and batches of product, the first to add nutritional information and ingredients to edibles, and the first to label products with milligrams of THC.

As the second-largest edible company in Colorado and the No. 1 infused chocolate maker in the state, Medically Correct continues to innovate and create new products to meet the needs of the canna-curious and the most experienced cannabis consumers. The company’s portfolio of brands includes:

  • incredibles: Medically Correct’s original and award-winning line of chocolates and gummies in Colorado
  • Quiq: A handcrafted line of products with rapid uptake technology for fast-acting absorption and results in minutes
  • Clear Creek Extracts: Pure and potent cannabis concentrates processed in the mountains of Evergreen, Colorado
  • Nové: Luscious-filled infused chocolates without a luxury price tag (coming soon)
  • Zelo: Best value in chocolate, gummies and tinctures coming in 2021
  • trupura CBD: Separate from its cannabis counterparts and available nationally, trupura CBD features certified hemp, natural ingredients, and may contain up to 0.3% THC

Two New Brands on the Horizon

Later this winter, the team will launch Nové, a luxury line of filled, infused chocolates with everyday affordability. The latest new brand was originally timed to coincide with the company’s 10 year anniversary but delays due to COVID-19 have pushed the launch to early 2021. A second, infused brand is also planned for next year.

“The current pandemic has caused many challenges this year but we, along with so many other cannabis companies, have had to navigate so much in the last decade,” added Scarpello. “From banking rejections to oil shortages to vendor issues to legal roadblocks, hitting the 10-year mark is very humbling. Our success doesn’t happen without all of us, and it certainly doesn’t happen without failures and pivots. The experiences we’ve had have helped us effectively plan for our new brands and business in the coming years.”

Medically Correct has celebrated its milestone anniversary with employees and retailers throughout 2020. True to its roots of helping and caring for people, the company continues to give back to causes and organizations focused on patient care and other areas of need in Denver and the state. During the holiday season, employees and partners have been participating in a food drive for Community Ministry Food Pantry supporting Denver-based families struggling with food insecurity.

About Medically Correct
Pioneers in the Colorado cannabis industry, Medically Correct (MC Brands LLC) was founded in 2010 after “cannabis-infused brownies for Grammy” were life changing for the co-founder’s family. Medically Correct has grown into an industry leader in consumables and topicals with a large portfolio of brands including award-winning incredibles in Colorado, Quiq, Clear Creek Extracts, Nove, and trupura CBD. For more information visit,

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