Mckeany-Flavell Announces Partnership With KND Labs

LAFAYETTE, Calif., Sept. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In response to growing demand from customers in the food and beverage industry for hemp cannabinoid ingredients, McKeany-Flavell today announced a partnership with KND Labs, one of the most certified and industry-leading producers of CBD ingredients for global consumer products.

Michael Caughlan, President and CEO, announced the appointment. McKeany-Flavell, premier counsel to the food & beverage industry, offers commodity market expertise in sugar, corn sweeteners, cocoa and chocolate, fruit and fruit concentrates, edible oils, nutmeats, molasses, and other ingredients.

KND Labs is a best-in-class producer of industrial hemp-derived ingredients. As a premier distributor, KND Labs supports top CPG and pharmaceutical companies as their trusted CBD source. Additionally, KND Labs is the leader in certifications and compliance in the CBD industry.

“We engaged in an exhaustive, in-depth vetting process to find a quality supplier of CBD ingredients that we felt confident in bringing to our clients,” said Mike Caughlan. “KND Labs not only exceeded our criteria, but with their aggressive pursuit of elevated safety, certification, and compliance standards, we found a partner whose values are in line with ours.”

KND Labs holds cGMP, ISO 9001:2015, and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) certifications, as well as being an approved supplier through the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) and is Kosher certified.

Nich Wilson, President of KND Labs, added, “We are thrilled about our partnership with McKeany-Flavell. We at KND Labs look forward to working with the entire McKeany-Flavell team to meet the ongoing demand for quality hemp cannabinoid ingredients. We have become one of the leading suppliers for those looking for hemp cannabinoids and we see great growth opportunity meeting the demands of the larger CPG audience. As our company has grown, we continue to remain focused on purity, quality, and scale and will maintain these core values as we serve these growing sectors.

KND Labs manufactures hemp-derived ingredients by extracting specific cannabinoid profiles to produce CBD, CBG, and other hemp-derived cannabinoids. They provide those ingredients in a variety of forms, including powdered isolate, distillate oils, and liquid and powder water-soluble products. KND offers custom formulations with batch consistency for various cannabinoid profiles to meet specific client requirements.

Nich Wilson noted, “It is important to point out the water-soluble hemp cannabinoid options that we provide. We currently take our hemp cannabinoid ingredients, including full or broad spectrum distillates and isolates, and enable them to stay in suspension or be truly miscible in a beverage. KND Apex Water Soluble is a great all-natural solution that comes in standard powder and agglomerated powder, as well as an aqueous version. KND Superior Water Miscible is perfect for the fast-growing hemp-infused beverage sector, being clear in water, as well as being incredibly mild in flavor and aroma. KND Superior is the ideal solution to infuse cannabinoids into canned and bottled beverages.”

Mike Caughlan commented, “After months of preparation to establish a high-quality supply chain of CBD ingredients for our established clientele, we are moving forward in this new ingredient space with great confidence. Our partnership with KND Labs allows us to do so. Clients who are interested in adding CBD ingredients to their new or existing products should contact us directly to request samples.”

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