Man with £4 million makeshift factory making cannabis laced sweets jailed

A drug dealer whose makeshift factory could have made nearly £4 million worth of cannabis-laced boiled sweets has been jailed for nine years, police said.

Ryan Dobson, 54, ran the production line from his home in Dunmow, Essex, making professionally packaged tins of cubed confectionery in his kitchen and garage.

The Metropolitan Police found 12 rubber moulds, some covered in cannabis oil, which allowed Dobson to quickly produce 900 cannabis sweets at a time.

Officers also found high strength skunk cannabis stalks in labelled vacuum-sealed packaging in a raid on his home on November 4 last year.

Prosecutors said the value of the sweets, along with more than 20,100 empty tins found in 28 boxes in Dobson’s garage, meant there was a potential to make 745,920 grams, with a street value of £3,729,600.

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