Kushie Bites Vegan Lemonade CBD Gummies Review

When is the last time you ate a gummy? If you’re a new vegan, it might be something you’re looking for because most gummies are not vegan. If you are a candy addict, then this is one you haven’t tried yet.

They are almost too pretty to eat- you just want to casually display them on a nice tray or fill a clear jar with them to add a pop of color to the kitchen. You would miss the best part though, which is eating them!

The flavors in the pack include Lemon, Strawberry and Pomegranate.

I was surprised to find them on the harder side, but they still had the gooeyness you expect inside. They aren’t mushy, so they are perfect if you like a harder candy to chew and really dig your teeth into.

The taste is delicious! It’s the perfect flavor of each and they are really enjoyable to chomp on.

For my fellow clean freaks, the sugar coating is stuck on and doesn’t go all over the place when handling the rings. Imagine a candy that’s fun to eat and not clean up after.

CBD takes up to half an hour to get in your system, but let me tell you that you will feel it! The amount of CBD is not inconsequential, it’s just as much as you find in most oils.

For that reason, you can savor these and be mindful of your dosage. Stick to two gummies per the instructions. You might only need one! I definitely felt the CBD working after 15 minutes. This left me feeling overall lighter and easy-going.

Gummies are a discreet way to get your CBD without whipping out a bottle of oil. So if you want to take CBD but don’t want everyone around you to know, gummies are a great form.

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