How CBD Oil May Be Able to Help You Fight Anxiety

cbd for healing and anti anxiety

The medical community is seeing an ever-growing trendtoward more natural means of taking care of our bodies. There is much evidenceto suggest that synthetic medications can have harmful effects on our health even while they try and solve some problem we are facing. This has resulted in many people trying to find ways of healing that are more in tune with how nature operates.

One of those methods is cannabidiol, better known as CBD oil. It is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in cannabis plants.

It has already been shown through clinical trials to be an effective means of treating epilepsy3. There is some experimental evidence that suggests it could also be effective at reducing fear and anxietyin certain people without the use of synthetic and potentially harmful medications.

There is still much research that needs to be done. However, initial results appear to be promising that CBD oil could in the future be used to treat many issues without the use of harmful synthetic medications.

In this article, we are going to look at 14 ways that CBD oil might be able to help individuals manage their anxiety.

1. Effect on the Nervous System

CBD oil may be able to help calm you by calming your nervous system.

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) experiences changes when we encounter a stressful situation. Any time we are in a place where we feel fear or anxiety, those changes cause the sympathetic branch of the nervous system to be overstimulated when cbd and the nervous system for anxiety

cbd and the nervous system for anxietycompared to the parasympathetic branch.

Through what is called 5-HT1A partial agonism, CBD oil may be able to calm the sympathetic branch of the nervous system. This in turn could result inreduced anxiety and a prevention of a nervous breakdown.

You deserve to be calm and content, and you’ll be a better friend, worker, and spouse when you are. Even if you’re prone to bouts of anxiety or depression, CBD oil may be able to helpyou win in the long run.

2. Overall Anxiety

 CBD oil’s effect on anxiety is not constrained by anecdotal evidence. Studies have shown that CBD oil has strong potentialfor a treatment for overall anxiety.

CBD interactswith what are known as 5-HT1A receptor in the brain.  These 5-HT1A receptors seem to have an effect on controlling anxiety levels. CBD appears to have a direct effect on 5-HT1A receptors which creates an anti-anxiety effect.

This is indeed part of how CBD tackles anxiety, but it is only just the beginning.

3. Physical Symptoms Associated with Anxiety

Anxiety starts in the mind, but its effects reach far beyond the borders of the brain. Physical symptoms of stress can include cbd and anxiety headache

cbd and anxiety headachenausea, headaches, tingling, and muscle tension.

Some studies seem to indicatethat CBD oil can have a positive effect on these negative physical symptoms of anxiety.

It would appear10 that CBD oil does not just ward off anxiety in any vague sense. It may even be able to ease the physical symptoms and helps you live your life in peace.

4. Multiple Anxiety Disorders

People sometimes use terms like “nervous breakdown” and “panic attack” flippantly, but these real conditions are no joke. They can cause severe problems in every sphere of life, from personal to professional to romantic and beyond. They can be terrifying, embarrassing, painful, and even dangerous.

Moreover, they can be almost as unpleasant for others as they are for you.

By attacking anxiety at the root and easing the symptoms, some studies give hope11that CBD oil may be able to allow individuals to deal with a number of different anxiety related issues. You shouldn’t have to live in fear of a panic attack. In the future, CBD oil may allow this to be a reality for people suffering from this kind of anxiety.

5. Managing Fear

An oil making you braver might seem like a plot-line from a comic book story. However, some studies suggest12 CBD oil may be able to do just that.

One of the many ways CBD oil may be able to treat anxiety is by reducing the fear response in your brain. This could have countless uses in the medical community.

6. Schizophrenia

Powerful medication is required in heavy doses to allow those suffering with schizophrenia to even live a normal life. Modern drugs can only give limited relief.

However, one promising study13 seems to show that due to CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory and anti-psychotic characteristics, it may become an effective treatment for schizophrenia. Eliminating the need for such powerful synthetic drugs would also have the added benefit of reducing the negative side-effects that often accompany such drugs.

7. Social Anxiety

Social anxiety makes life hard. Some people are bothered by crowds; others struggle in even smaller groups. A significant portion of the population faces the stress of social anxiety, and many feel like there’s no way out.

The feeling that everyone is watching you, judging you, or noticing how anxious you seem can negatively affect your interactions with other people. Studies have shown14 that CBD oil might be effective in helping people who suffer with Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD).

More research needs to be done in this area to determine the best way to get the desired results. Dosage levels especially are being studied. However, for those who suffer from the inability to interact socially, this could be a ray of hope.

8. Becoming A Better Companion

Easing social anxiety won’t just be good for you–it’ll be good for the people you’re around, too. It’s more fun to hang out with confidence than insecurity.cbd and anxiety related to companionship

cbd and anxiety related to companionship

You may have a much easier time meeting new people and friends once your social anxiety is under control. People who suffer from anxiety often have a difficult time interacting with new people.

If CBD oil is able to help15 with this kind of anxiety, it could help you be a more enjoyable person to be around while boosting your confidence.

9. Public Speaking

Public speaking is one of the most common phobias in the world. For some people, it ranks even higher than fear of spiders, cbd and anxiety related to public speaking

cbd and anxiety related to public speakingheights, and death.

Considering CBD oil’s  influence on anxiety, stress, and self-consciousness16, it’s no wonder it helps with public speaking17, too.

Nervousness during public speaking makes you appear unprepared and less believable. The response of your audience directly correlates to how you appear on stage.

Once again, you don’t get to hog all the benefits. A relaxed attitude when speaking will make you more precise, more interesting, more enjoyable, and less likely to stumble. All of these will build a better connection with the audience and get better results.

It’s a win-win.

10. Concentrationfemale trying to concentrate

female trying to concentrate

Even for those of us who aren’t bouncing off the walls all the time, concentrating can be tough.

However, those suffering with certain types of anxiety disorders can suffer even more when it comes to concentration. If CBD oil is able to reduce or help manage anxiety18, this could have a profound effect on an individual’s ability to concentrate.

11. A Healthy Schedule & Life

Through its interaction19 with various brain receptors, CBD oil can make it easier to stay on track.

CBD oil may be able to help regulate20 various cerebral functions including mood, appetite, sleep, memory, pain perception, and more.With better control over these, individuals may find it easier to maintain healthy patterns throughout their days and nights.

12. Rx Anti-Anxiety Meds & Their Side-Effects

Many people who deal with anxiety issues turn to prescription medication. While these may help, some people are concerned about the unnatural chemicals involved. In many cases, the list of side-effects is as bad as the condition the meds are supposed to cure.

CBD oil may offer21 natural, healthy relief without the need for human made chemicals or unpleasant side-effects. At the very least, it may make prescription anti-anxiety meds less necessary. In some instances, it may remove the need for them at all.

13. Antidepressant Properties

Depression and anxiety often go hand in hand. They can feed one another in a vicious circle that never seems to end.

The first step to breaking the cycle is understanding how your own body works.

Your body contains its own endocannabinoid system22 (ECS). This system includes a variety of cannabinoid receptors. It can help in combating depression, appetite problems, and anxiety.

Studies seems to indicate23 that CBD oil can work with your ECS system’s signals to increase receptor flow and function. More research needs to be done, however this could have profound implications for those suffering from depression.

14. Alertness

Some may be concerned that the anti-anxiety properties of CBD oil might come with a daze. That makes sense. THC, a related chemical compound, can have this effect24.

However, it seems that with all-natural CBD oil, individuals might not have to worry about any cognitive impairment25.


While more research needs to be done, many studies indicate26 that CBD oil made from hemp could be a safe, healthy, all-natural way to combat anxiety, depression, and more. It has no psychoactive properties27, and hemp-derived CBD oil is entirely legal28in all fifty states.

With the move in the medical community toward more natural means of healing, the prospects for using CBD oil to help those in need is encouraging.

cbd for healing and anti anxiety

cbd for healing and anti anxiety






























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