GrowSpan Releases New Series 750 Industrial Greenhouse

SOUTH WINDSOR, Ct. – GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures released their revolutionary Series 750 Industrial Greenhouse. The greenhouse options an internal light deprivation method that is totally automated and is sold at a value point that will shock operations.

GrowSpan has kept all the positive aspects of conventional light deprivation systems, but simplified the style. This not only leads to a method that is simpler to set up and preserve, but also a method that is ultra price-helpful. The cable-driven method sits on an internal substructure, so it is protected from the components, and the blackout material ascends to the structure’s peak, making blacked out situations in moments.


Even though the light dep method will have growers drooling, the greenhouse is also impressive. Constructed with a galvanized steel frame, the gable-style greenhouse is clad with inflatable film for superior insulation. The finish walls are covered with white-black-white polycarbonate that provides the structure a clean and experienced appear. S750s come in 32 foot widths and can be constructed in 48 foot, 72 foot, 96 foot and 120 foot lengths. The sidewalls are 5 feet higher, though the peak is 14 feet higher and the roof pitch is six.three:12.

GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures Series 750 Industrial Greenhouse. (Image:

The S750 Greenhouse can also be engineered. Upon request, these structures can be developed to withstand 105 mph wind speeds, 25 psf snow loads, and 12 psf reside loads, generating this structure a fantastic choice even in harsh climates.

GrowSpan is also providing optional gear packages for the Series 750 Industrial Greenhouses. The packages have been developed and correctly sized for every structure by GrowSpan’s Greenhouse Specialists, so structures do not come more than or beneath equipped. Gear packages contain two exhaust fans with centrifugally activated shutters and low-profile light traps, an evaporative cooling method and endwall vent with white-black-white cladding, and horizontal airflow fans with hanging gear.

GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures is committed to supplying premium greenhouses and increasing options for the agricultural business. With a wide variety of increasing structures, which includes greenhouses, venlo structures, higher tunnels, cold frames and shade homes, each grower is specific to uncover a structure that most effective suits their hobby and enterprise increasing wants. GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialists are only a click or contact away to guide you by way of the course of action of getting the upgrade your increasing operation wants.

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