Does Ellen DeGeneres Smoke Weed?

Ellen DeGeneres is one of the world’s biggest TV personalities. As the amicable host of her namesake talkshow, DeGeneres’s stature has taken a nose dive this year, plagued by a host of workplace hostility claims, including the exit of three senior producers who left amid dozens of sexual harassment, racism and toxic behavior accusations. While DeGeneres made a public apology, her reputation continues to suffer.

A couple of days ago, DeGeneres announced through Twitter that she’d been diagnosed with COVID-19.

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Does Ellen DeGeneres Smoke Weed?
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When reached out by a representative from NPR, it was confirmed that production of The Ellen DeGeneres Show was put on hold until January. But anyway, let’s get to why you really came here: does Ellen DeGeneres smoke weed?

DeGeneres has long shown a positive attitude towards the herb, using her platform to comment on it, even selling weed merchandise on 4/20, which doesn’t make her a smoker but rather a smart business person.

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Back in 2017, when the marijuana website Civilized dug into her potential pot-smoking preferences (much like we’re doing here), pointing to that 420 merchandise tweet as evidence, she explained on her show: “So their first piece of evidence is that I sold merchandise to marijuana users on 420. That does not make me a smoker, that makes me a smart business-lady. Look, you are never too high to buy Ellen underwear.”

To avoid any confusion, Ellen did state plainly that she does not smoke weed.

Long story short: while someone might sell weed merch, it doesn’t make them weed smokers.

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