Cultivating a cannabis crop: Missouri grow site gets ready to harvest medical marijuana

With medical marijuana expected to be available in a few weeks, a cultivation facility near St. Louis has geared up for a cannabis harvest that will supply a good portion of the crop.

Situated 26 miles west of St. Louis, Earth City-based BeLeaf Medical is nearing the end of a growing cycle that will likely put the first harvested cannabis in the hands of patient cardholders.

Missouri voted to legalize medical marijuana almost two years ago, and 69,829 patients have since been authorized to purchase and consume it. At the BeLeaf facility, where thousands of plants have been in production since early June, the flowers are almost ready to harvest.

BeLeaf Medical was the first approved medical cannabis cultivator in Missouri. Only two other licensees in the state have passed inspections to start growing marijuana — Archimedes Medical Holdings in Perryville and Feelz Good Green Products in Carrollton, according to the Department of Health and Senior Services.

BeLeaf started in 2016 as a nonprofit organization under two St. Louis owners, Mitch Meyers and John Curtis. Meyers is a marketing specialist who introduced the world to Bud Light, and Curtis is a former radio journalist who once co-owned cultivation facilities and dispensaries in Colorado. [Read more at the Missourian]

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