CBD Summer Skincare Tips

In different parts of the country, summer is experienced differently. In some areas it’s hot and dry and in others it’s sticky from humidity. This means that you’ll likely need to adopt different CBD summer skincare regimens for those different types of weather. In this guide we’ll help you with a few tips and tricks to help keep your skin healthy no matter what type of weather you’re experiencing.

Try Keeping it Natural

This is one of our CBD summer skincare tips that is something that can be kept up with all year round. When your skin is going to be exposed to the sun more, try to maintain a natural skincare regimen. Natural products are typically void of chemicals that can be damaging. For example, instead of using liquid soaps or scrubs, try something that has a goat milk or yogurt base. These are hydrating and nourishing. They may also leave your skin feeling silkier and smoother than normal.

You can also make a yogurt facial that includes Canna Trading Co. CBD tinctures. We also have several recipes available for DIY CBD facial scrubs.

In the summer months using natural facial scrubs that include a little natural acid from citrus fruit might be beneficial. These scrubs help exfoliate and open your pores. It’s not advised to use citrus scrubs more than once a week in the summer though. Exfoliate a little less, moisturize a little more and keep it natural.

Stay Hydrated

It’s important to stay hydrated all year long, but it’s more important in the summer months. Humidity and extreme heat can take their toll on your body. It’s okay to add a little lemon or flavoring to your water if it helps you drink what your body needs. It’s recommended that you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day – a glass is considered to be 8 oz.

You can also juice fruit and add CBD tincture to it, then freeze it in cubes. This helps you get a little flavor, a little nutrition and a little CBD all in a glass of water. It’s also perfectly fine to just eat the ice cubes too.

Your skin needs hydration as much as the rest of your body. When your skin is properly hydrated it may not feel or look as dry and may not soak up as much topical moisturizer.

Another way to help your skin stay hydrated is to use a CBD skin cream like our Canna Trading Co. Renew CBD Facial Cream. You should use the facial cream after washing your face in the morning or evening. It’s also a good idea to let your face breathe for 10 – 15 minutes after washing it so that your skin can have a break from having something on it.

Stay hydrated with water

Limit Sun Exposure

Summer is typically the time of year where you want to be outside and be active. You also have to remember to be careful about your time in the sun. It’s also important to know when the sun is at its peak in your area. That is when it can be the most damaging to your skin.

You can also get a sunburn on days where the sun isn’t as intense. Protect your skin with sunblock and remember to reapply it at least every 2 hours.  The SPF level should be high so that you can protect your skin as much as possible.

Eat Healthy

Maintaining a fresh, heathy diet in the summer is important. The food you eat also helps feed your skin. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake and do your best to reduce heavy, fatty foods. Deep fried foods can be comforting, but may also be a poor choice for your skin’s health.

Whole grains are also important. Whole grain bowls with lean proteins and plenty of greens are a great idea for a summer dinner. Grain bowls don’t have to be heavy. Create a light sauce for more flavor. In your sauce you can add one of our Canna Trading Co. CBD Tinctures. We do have several recipes for CBD sauces and meals on our blog.

Our Canna Trading Co. Organic Olive Oil CBD Tincture is one of our most versatile options. It can be used for DIY skincare products as well as in many different dishes and sauces. The organic olive oil that we use is sourced locally in California.

Here are some ideas for creating light, healthy meals while incorporating CBD into them too:

  • Grilled chicken with whole grain pasta and sautéed kale with garlic CBD vinaigrette
  • Sautéed shrimp or scallops with quinoa and summer vegetables and a CBD tincture drizzle
  • CBD brushed crostini with salmon, capers and cream cheese
  • Skirt steak with CBD chimichurri with grilled vegetables
  • Summer gazpacho with parsley CBD finishing oil
  • CBD soaked fruit with cottage cheese

These are just a few ideas to help you get started on lightening up meals and incorporating CBD this summer. These are all healthy options that also include ingredients that will nourish your body properly so it can do its job to keep your skin healthy too.

healthy dinner

Watch the Water Temperature

Summertime might be a great time to jump in the hot tub, but try to resist. Hot water is not good for your skin. Try lukewarm water instead. Even if you have the need for a bubble bath, keep this CBD summer skincare tip in mind, reduce the temperature.

Hot water can dry your skin out and cause it to lose some of its natural protective oils. If you do take a hot shower or get in a hot tub, remember your skin. Moisturize once your body has been completely dried and has had a few minutes to relax. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer and rub it in well.

Closing Thoughts

We hope that you keep these CBD summer skincare tips in mind. Skin health and maintenance is important. Make sure that you’re keeping yourself nourished and hydrated from the inside out. It really does make a difference. Experiment in your kitchen this summer. Try lighter meals. They can be just as satisfying as meals full of carbs, potatoes and other heavy ingredients.

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