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CoronaVirus (Covid-19) 2nd Update 6th March 2020

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The Coronavirus has moved with such startling speed that a second update to this original write-up is deemed necesary. As it appears the Coronavirus is on the really edge of becoming declared a Pandemic (a nation-wide rather than state-wide circumstance) The globe Wellness Organisation (WHO) has urged nations to “Pull out all the stops” in the fight against the virus.

Given that the final update the causulty prices for the coronavirus to date now stand at extra than 95,000 infected (up from 28,000) and more than three,200 (up from 560) have died as a outcome of infection. These figures are increasing even as this write-up is becoming written.

Shops are reporting empty shelves as people stock up with essentials, and hospitals are preparing for an influx of sufferers as this ‘plague’ gathers momentum.

Hand sanitisers and face masks are in hot demand, as are all-natural treatments recognized to increase the immune program such as CBD (cannabidiol) goods.

The circumstance remains volatile and there is no doubt that the casualty price from Coronavirus will improve more than time, and this write-up will have to have updated as soon as once again!

Coronavirus: Post UPDATE 6th Feb 2020

“Since this write-up was initially published only some ten days ago, the circumstance relating to the Novel Coronavirus has significantly worsened. To date there are now 560 reported deaths, and more than 28,000 infected worldwide. The circumstance remains very volatile as the Coronavirus is now recorded in 28 nations &amp territories about the globe.”

As I create this write-up the globe is in a state of higher alert more than the current outbreak of the novel (which means new) Coronavirus amongst humans. The virus itself is nicely documented and is not ‘new’ as such, it has been recognized to influence mammals and birds considering the fact that its discovery in the 1960’s.

What is new having said that is the
current alarming improvement involving transfer from the animal kingdom to
humans. This was initially reported in December 2019 as an outbreak in Wuhan China,
and by the 26 January 2020 (the date of writing this write-up) it has resulted
in 56 deaths according to This Coronavirus
Report in the New York occasions.

cbd vs coronavirus
Facemasks can supply some protection against the spread of coronavirus

According to the authorities
in China itself, this is unlikely to cease at these numbers and certainly is most likely
to improve exponentially as the virus spreads at an alarming price. To counter
this China is closing down cities and implementing travel restrictions.

To date, outbreaks of the
Corona virus have now been reported in the following nations outdoors China
according to CNN.

  • Hong Kong: six instances
  • Macao: five instances
  • Thailand: five instances
  • Australia: four instances
  • Malaysia: four instances
  • Singapore: four instances
  • France: three instances
  • Japan: three instances
  • South Korea: three instances
  • Taiwan: three instances
  • United States: three instances
  • Vietnam: two instances
  • Nepal: 1 case

This report is as of 26th
January 2020

How Coronavirus is spread:

  • Coughing and
    sneezing without having covering the face
  • Close speak to with
    an infected person such as shaking hands or kissing
  • Get in touch with with a
    contaminated surface

What are the symptoms:

  • Classic flue symptoms such as runny nose, coughing.
  • Persistant dry cough
  • Headache or fever
  • Basic feelings of becoming unwell which includes nausea or vomiting

Hong Kong and surrounding
nations are implementing their personal travel restrictions, as certainly are other
nations which includes the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, South
Korea, Taiwan, and other folks are all quickly following suit in order to attempt and
curb the spread of the coronavirus.

In the fight against coronavirus no-1 travels without having a facemask

Can CBD Be Made use of to Fight

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So with all the worry and certainly panic surrounding the spread of this risky virus, is it attainable that the significantly-lauded CBD (cannabidiol) could assist in the fight against infection? Or could CBD goods such as these provided by CBDPure be a remedy for novel Coronavirus?

To commence with I will appear at
the animal kingdom, due to the fact that is certainly exactly where the virus has come from. In
truth an animal meals market place in Wuhan, the Huanan seafood market place according to ‘Business
Insider’ is believed to be the supply of the outbreak.

let’s for a moment contemplate the recognized qualities of CBD.

  • CBD is nicely recognized to have anti-viral properties that can assist in the fight against viral attacks such as we have with Coronavirus
  • It is also recognized to have antibacterial properties that help in fighting distinct infections that can happen as the physique struggles against the virus.
  • We know that in the case of canine Coronavirus, intestinal inflammation is a key trouble. CBD is recognized to have great anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Coronavirus can induce nausea and vomiting, each of which can be correctly treated with CBD.
  • Any one fighting a virus can turn out to be anxious and agitated, and Coronavirus is no exception. CBD is recognized to be efficacious against these symptoms of pressure and anxiousness.
CBD For Anxiety

CBD vs Coronavirus Conclusion

It has to be stated that any
claims of CBD becoming applied correctly to fight Coronavirus is at this time
completely speculative, as there have be no scientific tests to confirm such a

Nevertheless if we appear at the
subjective/speculative argument surrounding CBD in common and the several claims
of its effectiveness against the symptoms listed above, then it begs the

Why would CBD NOT be powerful in the battle against Coronavirus? And is it not worth it to even attempt CBD as a deterrent against catching Coronavirus in the initially instance?

CBD is immediately after all not officially recognised as a ‘medicine’ so there is no restrictions as to its use in this regard.

Does CBD Have Any Side

To date the only true ‘side
effect’ that this writer has located relating to the use of CBD, is the impact on
the purse or wallet! Great excellent CBD comes at a cost – poor excellent CBD is
not even worth taking into consideration!

Is CBD a drug – immediately after all it is derived from the Cannabis plant. The answer to this is an emphatic NO. CBD is just 1 of the cannabinoids present in the Cannabis plant and it is completely protected to use with no side-effects or drug-induced stupor involved!

THC is the restricted cannabinoid located in the cannabis plant – and it is in miniscule doses in legal CBD goods (significantly less than .three%).

CBD oil will NOT get you higher (study this post for extra information).

This sad/scary story continues apace as the Coronavirus continues its relentless spread – who knows how far it will go and how several men and women will drop their lives ahead of its all more than.

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