Cannabis For Your Pet: An All-Natural Treatment Option

As an increasing number of humans turn to cannabis products to treat their ailments, it’s only natural we look to see what it can do for our pets too. CBD in different forms is now being administered to dogs to treat anxiety, joint pain caused by arthritis, and serious conditions like cancer.

If this natural treatment path is one you want to explore, we’ve given you the rundown!

Using Cannabis For Arthritis

Pet owners have seen a difference in their animal in as little as one day after giving them CBD oil. This supplement is now widely used to treat arthritis in dogs and has seen some amazing results.

Arthritis can be crippling for a dog, preventing it from going on walks, eating comfortably, and even getting into bed. Stairs and hills eventually become obstacles they can’t overcome.

The pain and inability to live their everyday life can lead to lethargy and depression. In turn, this can contribute to a lack of appetite and the dog not getting up to drink. As quality of life degrades, pet owners are faced with a hard decision.

CBD oil has healing properties that ease pain and joint stiffness. It can also improve appetite and reduce stress. All of this put together will help your dog to cope far better with arthritis. Depending on how old they are when arthritis sets in, they could continue to live a full life for several years.

Some cases have even seen the animal come off chronic medication after being treated with a cannabis-based alternative.

Pain killers, anti-inflammatories, and other arthritis drugs can have a harmful impact on kidneys if taken for an extended period. If it’s possible to reduce the dosage or cut it out entirely, that’s a big plus.

Treating Cancer And Alleviating Symptoms

The link between cannabis and treating cancer has been long established. While it may not cure the disease in your dog, it can undoubtedly alleviate symptoms and help them have a happier life for a little bit longer.

A regimen of CBD oil can reduce inflammation in the body and potentially stunt tumor growth and the spread of cancerous cells. Plus, it can help with fighting pain and nausea too.

Your pet’s exact response will depend on how advanced the cancer is and their physical strength. However, with CBD oil, what might have been a painful and quick demise for a beloved pet, could turn into a slower process that’s far less traumatic for both the animal and you. Their suffering will be less, and you’ll have a bit more time for farewells.

Studies On The Rise

Numerous studies are being done on CBD’s effectiveness and the right kinds of doses for various ailments and diseases. Most of the evidence currently is anecdotal, but there’s no arguing with those results for the most part.

One area that’s a strong focus of study is using CBD hemp for treating acute injuries. These include broken bones, muscle and ligament strains, as well as care after an operation. Studies are looking specifically at how the natural supplement can reduce the pain in recovery, alleviate swelling, and prevent stiffness in the muscles and joints.

The hope is that vets can lower the use of conventional drugs, which have more serious side effects if used more regularly or over a long period.

A Homegrown Industry

Using cannabis, and specifically CBD oil, for domestic pets is still a relatively new idea. Some products have made it onto the market already, but often CBD oil is made by home growers.

These growers tend to have more sophisticated setups than your average recreational user. They invest in proper grow lights and have read a review of Gorilla Grow Tent options and other equipment before settling on what works best for cultivating a successful crop.

Someone who makes their own CBD oil will be well equipped to tell pet owners about their product’s potency and generally have a special interest in its use.

There is also the option to grow and make your own CBD oil if you’d prefer to control the source.

How Safe Is It To Use Cannabis With Your Pet?

One of the biggest safety concerns regarding the use of cannabis in dogs is the dosage. As this is relatively unchartered territory, the correct CBD dosage for your pet is something you need to determine, and sometimes this takes trial and error.

Our dogs and cats can’t talk to us to tell us how the medication is affecting them, making it harder to know if the levels they’re getting are right. Domestic pets are also a lot smaller than humans, meaning that being off even slightly on the dose can make a large impact on such a small body.

Where possible, speak to a veterinary professional who’s familiar with cannabis treatment and ask them for advice. As this form of treatment becomes more commonplace, recommended dosages will be easier to come by.

In the absence of professional advice, the best course of action is to start with a small dose and build up over time. The dosage will also depend on what ailment or disease you are treating, as some conditions may require greater volumes or strengths.

Another concern of using CBD is the quantity of THC it contains. This is the chemical in the marijuana plant that makes you high. However, THC’s amount in CBD oil is minimal and very unlikely to make your pet high – or you if you decide to take it!

The biggest side effect of a dose that’s too high is drowsiness. Other side effects include itchiness and a lot of scratching, as well as mild nausea and vomiting. These are pretty rare, and most animals don’t seem to suffer from them. However, if you do notice these symptoms, stop treatment straight
away, and talk to your vet about dosage or alternative options.

It’s also important to note that the swiftness of a reaction to cannabis (either a positive response or exhibiting side effects) can vary widely. Some pet owners report seeing an almost instantaneous reaction, while others only start to notice a difference after several days.

As CBD oil products are not regulated, there can be a significant difference in the dosage of the active ingredients per drop or tablet.

If you’re looking to treat your dog the natural way and improve their quality of life, cannabis-based treatments could well be the answer. To be safe, err on the side of caution and take it slow.

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