Bountiful Farms Medical Cannabis Dispensary Opening In Natick

NATICK, MA — Natick’s first medical cannabis dispensary is planning to open on Thursday, which comes as the town is in the midst of a process to let recreational cannabis stores open.

Bountiful Farms announced the Oct. 22 opening in a series of social media posts last week. The dispensary is located along Mercer Road just off of Route 9. The store negotiated a host-community agreement with Natick last year.

Bountiful Farms’ president, Jeff Barton, is a former IBM manager who founded a hydroponics company in the 1990s to grow pesticide-free produce. The company’s head grower, Zachary Taylor, formerly worked in the Colorado marijuana industry, and is a 22-time Cannabis Cup winner, according to the company.

Natick recently wrapped up a series of community meetings with three recreational cannabis retailers looking to open stores along Route 9. Natick has capped the number of recreational stores at two.

Under state law, only registered patients can patronize medical dispensaries, unlike recreational stores that sell to anyone over 21.

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