Beginner’s CBD Vape Guide

The last component is, of course, the e-liquid (vape juice, e-juice, etc). Just as important a component as the previous two, the e-liquid you choose will greatly determine how your vaping experience will play out.

Generally speaking, the vegetable glycerin component of e-liquid produces a softer hitting vape, while the propylene glycol component produces a flavorful vape, and is responsible for delivering CBD. At LLCBD, we do our best to find a quality balance between these two. Too little VG will cause the e-liquid to be harsh hitting and overpowering, while too much VG causes it to begin to lose its ability to actually deliver flavor and CBD. We use a 60% PG and 40% VG ratio in all our vapes. If you find that other brands tend to be harsh, check their ratio. Often you will find that they use a 70% PG – 30% VG ratio. It’s possible to adjust your device’s setting to accommodate either ratio, but we prefer the former.

For e-liquid, the last thing you will want to consider is the CBD concentration. The concentration that will work best for you is very subjective, so experimentation is always warranted. Some people need only a little, while others may need much more. We offer 100mg, 500mg, and 1,000mg CBD per 30ml bottle of e-liquid. That means the concentration per ml (one milliliter is about one full dropper) is 3.3mg, 16.7mg, and 33.3mg, respectively. Generally speaking, people often require around 15-60mg of CBD per day, depending on body weight, what symptoms are being treated, what form it is being taken in, and personal preferences. Vaping makes CBD more bioavailable than what a tincture may provide. Less CBD will be required if vaped than if taken sublingually to treat the same symptoms.

A great place to start is on our “Make Your Own” page where you can mix and match any of our available flavors (over 60!) to make a unique flavor combination of your own.

Lastly, whether it is our products or a competitors’, you will want to be sure that Lab Certified Purity Results are clearly displayed. Our lab results can be viewed by visiting and of our product’s pages, or by clicking this link. You will want to see a lot of “PASS” or “ND” tags, as well as verify that the concentration of CBD is equal to the advertised concentration. If you have any questions on interpreting raw lab results, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at [email protected], or use the form fields on this page.

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