Advice for weed induced panic attacks

Hi guys, I’m trying to find the right dosage of Thc and cbd for weed capsules or edibles, I’m in Quebec so I have access to legal brands. I’ve stopped smoking after getting severe panic attacks everytime I smoked. Since I can’t smoke due to lung surgery I have to resort to edibles only. I tried some Pink kush capsules from Saint Rafael last night, they had about 9mg of thc per capsule : it was horrible, the panic attack kicked in after 30mn. I don’t get why since I was pretty excited about it and I don’t feel like that’s a high dosage. Did I try too high, should I absolutely have cbd ? I wanna stop taking alcohol so I really wanna introdue weed back into my life, it just sucks that my panic attacks last for like 3 hours. What do y’all recommend?

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