3 Tips For Improving Your Workout

3 Tips For Improving Your Workout

Getting back on track with exercise?  Staying up on your wellness goals and maximizing every workout is important for you to feel your best and reap the rewards of taking care of your physical and mental health. What you do outside of the gym is just as important as what you do in the gym. Diet, consistency, challenge, rest, and recovery are all elements of healthy strength training. Incorporating CBD into your self-care practices after a vigorous workout or physical activities can support your endocannabinoid system and provide your body with the comfort it needs so you can flow through your day with ease. These three simple tips can make a big difference in your workout routine and help you to feel more balanced going into your exercise regime and post-workout. When you feel great after your workout, and feel positive results, you will be more likely to stay on track with your health goals. 

1. Don’t Go Into Your Workout Hungry

Exercising on empty is not going to help you, it may actually harm your workout and set you back instead of making progress. The first risk is based on physiology. If you have not eaten your body may not have the fuel it needs resulting in you performing less than your maximum capacity. When you are pushing yourself during exercise, your energy levels go down and your willpower levels deplete. It may be helpful to eat a protein bar in between your workout or have something sweet with you. The glucose push will actually help you feel more energized and restore your muscles. A little carb intake in between your workout may even increase the likelihood that you will finish strong and complete all the reps on your last exercise without bailing because you didn’t fuel your body properly.

The second risk is harmful to your psychological progress. If you are deprived of nutrients and energy going into your workout, you will probably be more likely to overeat coming out of the exercise or want to indulge as a sense of reward. This will set you back from the progress you are trying to make and train yourself into habits that go from one extreme to the other. So give yourself the fuel to succeed and sustain you while you go through the hard work to reap the rewards of your self-care.

2. Take 3-5 Minute Rest Intervals

Resting in between each workout set is just as important as feeling the burn. Intuitively you will know when you are getting in a good workout, however, the rest time is a key part that should not be overlooked. Studies show that taking 3-5 minute rest time between sets is better than short 1-minute rest intervals. Proper rest times give your body a break to respond in the most optimal ways for muscle and strength gains. Time yourself to get used to what 3 minutes feels like. The one thing that really matters is your improvement, so don’t tax yourself by rushing into the next set of reps too fast. Your workout will ultimately be more effective when you give your muscles enough rest time in transition and your body will thank you for it! 

3. Use CBD After Each Workout

Reward yourself after your workouts. Not the kind of rewards that deplete the progress you just made, like overindulging in food. I am talking about some TLC for your body and giving yourself the mindfulness and appreciation you deserve. After showering, apply a powerful blast of Pure Hemp Botanicals 500mg CBD Cooling Gel to the areas you worked hard. Our CBD Cooling Gel works wonders as it absorbs into the skin barrier and soothes hot, bothered muscles. Rejuvenate your body through powerful icy menthol, cooling essential oils, 500mg of pure CBD, and nourishing botanical extracts. The Icy cool sensation of our CBD topical gel is great for soothing sore muscles and tension so you can move your body with ease. Experience the difference CBD Body Care can make when the post-workout soreness starts to hit. 

Interested in an ingestible CBD product to balance your endocannabinoid system and bring harmony to your physical activities? Our CBD Mints are a great refreshing way to take in CBD throughout your day. We have three delicious flavors Spearmint, Chocolate, and Strawberry Mango. This is an incredibly effective way to dose CBD. Enjoy a mint or two during your workouts too! Have a bottle in your gym bag, in your car, or wherever you go. Each mint contains 10mg of CBD. Take a few throughout the day or whenever you need to regain balance and soothe the aftermath of an intense workout. 

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